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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Seminars Kick Off in Prescott, AZ!

On June 10, nearly 80 high school students began our first high school seminar of the season: “Anything Peaceful” at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona. Named after FEE founder Leonard Read's book “Anything That's Peaceful,” this seminar will introduce teenagers to the basic ideas of economics, the proper role of government, and the freedom philosophy. Brad Thompson, Paul Cwik, Brian Brenberg, and Diana Thomas led students through provocative discussions and activities designed especially to inspire newcomers to incorporate the ideas of liberty in their lives. 

Immediately following “Anything Peaceful,” our first college seminar of the summer begins, also in Prescott. “Who Will Build The Roads? And Other Questions About Free Societies” (June 14–17) will challenge conventional college-aged thinking on ways to solve problems in society. Jeff Proctor, Sandy Ikeda, Paul Cwik, and Ben Powell will lead nearly 80 students to discover the means and institutions through which free people address pressing issues without government force.

FEE's Prescott seminars are the first two of 10 great programs planned for this summer. Check our website regularly for event summaries as the season progresses. And special thanks to all of our supporters, lecturers, and donors who make these events possible.

  • Richard N. Lorenc is Chief Growth Officer of Iron Light, an award-winning strategic marketing firm specializing in helping purpose-driven brands change the world. He served at FEE from April 2013-November 2021, most recently as FEE's Executive Vice President.