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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Net-Neutrality Ruling Puts Ball in FCC Court

“At first glance, Tuesday’s federal court ruling on Comcast looked like a clean win for the cable giant and for competitors including Time Warner and AT&T. The court, after all, ruled that Comcast could regulate high-speed Internet traffic over its own system and that a company that wanted to push its content through Comcast’s pipelines could not. But the ruling might be only be the beginning of a long campaign between Internet service providers and companies such as Skype, Google and Microsoft. The outcome is far from certain…. The immediate impact is on the FCC. The agency said Wednesday that it will scrap cybersecurity, privacy and consumer-protection policies it had wanted to pursue under its net-neutrality authority. Now the FCC must decide whether it wants to appeal or try to work around the ruling.” (Washington Post, Thursday)

Why is there an FCC?

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