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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mayoral Hopefuls All Make Time for Teachers’ Union Leader

“[Michael] Mulgrew [the president of the New York teachers’ union] is a coveted friend for the people who hope to become mayor. His union, the United Federation of Teachers, has 200,000 members: they are highly organized, and they vote. And at a time when education is a major issue for the city, and in a race with only Democratic contenders thus far, the union’s membership could have a disproportionate influence in a potentially decisive primary in 2013. . . .

‘I’m in a position where, after all these years, I can’t trust anyone to have that much power again, even if it’s someone I really have a great relationship with,’ Mr. Mulgrew said.” (New York Times)

Teachers’ unions exist to further the interests of teachers’ unions.

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