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Monday, April 23, 2018

Learn How to Launch Your Creative Arts Career at FEEcon 2018

Give your creativity career an innovative boost at FEEcon 2018!

Over the last 15 years, I’ve worked in various creative fields, starting as an assistant music supervisor on major advertising campaigns in New York City, then as a composer and music editor in Los Angeles, and for the past several years as an award-winning film & video producer whose work has been seen millions of times across the country in film festivals, on college campuses, and online. One thing I’ve learned is that success as a creative professional isn’t as simple as just mastering your craft. There are difficulties and lessons to learn all along your journey. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive track on being a creative professional at FEEcon this June.

If you dream of having a career centered around the creative arts—writing, video production, filmmaking, music, visual artistry, even comic book and makeup artistry!—you want to be at FEEcon.

You’ll get a close look at other creative professionals who’ve set their path and changed the world, and find out how you can do the same. From breaking into the industry to honing your craft to managing the business of you and dealing with life after success, you’ll get insights into all the things you need to know to be successful.

Be Inspired by World-Renowned Cellist and Composer Tina Guo

Tina Guo is a Grammy-nominated electric cellist. Her talents have been featured in films like Inception, Dunkirk, Batman vs Superman, and most recently, Wonder Woman. She’ll be kicking off FEEcon with a special performance. Later during the conference, she’ll also be on a panel to talk about how to hone your creative skills.

The Creative Journey Begins with “Breaking into the Industry”

Learn how to book your first gigs and what to expect as you start your career. We’ll have a panel of established experts to answer your questions about how to kick off your creative career.

Speakers: radio host Joey Clark, YouTube personality Kevin Lieber, make-up artist Maura Lewit, and Hannah Ruth Earl from Moving Picture Institute.


The Creative Journey Continues with “Honing Your Craft”

Taking criticism is underrated. What’s even more underrated is knowing whose criticism is worth taking! Learn about this, and much more of what it takes to truly be a master of your craft in this panel discussion on honing your craft.

Speakers: Internationally acclaimed composer and musician Tina Guo, screenwriter Paul Guay (Liar, Liar), film composer John Jennings Boyd (A Lego Brickumentary), and photojournalist Lido Vizzutti.


Turn Your Creativity into Profit with “the Business of Being Creative”

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned working in creative fields is that getting your first gigs and learning how to be good at what you do are only half of the equation as an artist-entrepreneur. It’s just as important to understand how to run a successful business. That’s why we’ll be covering negotiating contracts, dealing with clients, and even paying your taxes in this panel.

Speakers: Marvel & DC comic book artist Afua Richardson, visual artist Lela Brunet Raymond, and award-winning street photographer Jonathan Higbee.


Get a Glimpse of Your Future with “Life in the Big Leagues”

This final panel discussion will be about what you can expect after you establish yourself as a creative professional. What’s it like to work on massive films like Thor: Ragnarok and La La Land? What does the path to working on Oscar-nominated films look like? These are the kinds of questions we’ll be discussing with a pair of film-industry post-production heavyweights.

Speakers: Drew Sawyer (Post-Producer for Moonshine Post) and Chris LeDoux (VFX Coordinator for Crafty Apes).


BONUS PANEL: Building a Career as a Writer with a Libertarian Perspective

Are you eager to write professionally about the principles of free-market capitalism, individualism, and sound economic policy? We’ve got you covered with a panel of liberty-loving writers to give you the insights you need to make your plans more concrete.

Speakers: Julie Borowski, Lou Perez of We the Internet TV, Brittany Hunter of FEE, Connor Boyack of Libertas and author of the Tuttle Twins book series.


Creative Networking Opportunities and the Taliesin Nexus Film Festival

Taliesin Nexus organizes workshops, internships, and other opportunities for up-and-coming filmmakers to connect with their extensive network of Hollywood pros in order to hone their craft and launch their career. We’re extremely excited to team up with Taliesin Nexus to put on a film festival for FEEcon attendees.

In addition to the sponsored film festival, we’ll have representatives from organizations like Moving Picture Institute and Reason Magazine. The point is: at FEEcon, you’re certain to meet local artists, filmmakers, and creative professionals from many diverse backgrounds and skill sets who can be essential to launching your career as a creative entrepreneur.

The journey of a creative professional is never easy. But at FEEcon, we hope to shed a little light on the path you’ve chosen to take. The registration deadline is May 7th. Check out the other tracks and sessions that will be happening and register for the conference today!

See you at FEEcon!



  • Sean W. Malone has spent over a decade building creative teams and producing content with the goal of effectively communicating the value and importance of human freedom to as many people as possible.