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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Georgia Senate May Block Sunday Alcohol Bill Again

“In the past, Republican lawmakers have blamed the bill’s defeat on Sonny Perdue, a Christian conservative who vowed to veto any Sunday sales legislation while he was governor. Gov. Nathan Deal, who took office in January, said he would sign the legislation.

Georgians in many parts of the state can already buy alcoholic beverages on Sunday at bars, restaurants and ballparks. Georgia is one of three states with a total ban on Sunday sales at stores. . . .

The grocery store lobby, which has been pushing the bill for years, countered with a poll of 1,500 likely Republican voters in five key GOP Senate districts.” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Baptists and Bootleggers all over again.

FEE Timely classic

The Fiasco of Prohibition” by Douglas Rogers