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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Atlanta-Area Students Kick Off Spring Break with Big Ideas

Youth Entrepreneurs of Georgia partner with FEE

The “Spring Break Kickoff” brought together 60 Atlanta-area high school students and parents on April 5, 2014, to introduce them to economic thinking and its impact on the world around them. As in the past two years, the program was conducted in partnership with Youth Entrepreneurs Georgia (YEGeorgia).

FEE President Lawrence Reed started the day by discussing the seven principles of a free society. Students also learned about the connection between free markets and hip-hop from West Coast writer Brandon Maxwell. Following lunch, everyone participated in the Trading Game, where they learned firsthand about subjective value and opportunity cost.

The final speaker of the day was Georgia State Representative Ed Setzler, who spoke on natural and property rights.

The program concluded with a phenomenal panel of Atlanta-area professionals as well as the program speakers.  Panelists included Market-Based Management® consultant Ann Zerkle, Kathaleena Monds of Albany State University, former governor of Georgia candidate John Monds, and JaKathryn Ross and Samuel Yenn-Batah of YEGeorgia. Each speaker spent a few minutes answering the question, “Why does freedom matter to you?” and students were able to engage with the speakers afterward.

At the end of the program, students were invited to apply for FEE summer seminars to continue their exploration of the ideas of a free society.