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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Anything Peaceful Summary


FEE’s 2013 Summer Seminar series started off with Anything Peaceful, a seminar for high school students. Hosted at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona, the seminar welcomed 76 attendees. Students were able to make friends from across the country as 20 states were represented, ranging from Florida to Kansas to California. You can see photos from the seminar here.

Attendees spent three days participating in lectures, activities, and discussions with top-notch faculty on a variety of topics. Dr. Brad Thompson of Clemson University started off the seminar by breaking down the freedom philosophy, and later he discussed the ideas behind the American Founding.

The students were able to experience firsthand the importance of property rights during Dr. Brian Brenberg’s lecture, and they also examined some of the issues that led Greece to its current financial state. Dr. Diana Thomas of Utah State University introduced students to Public Choice economics and demonstrated the beneficial relationship between economic freedom and prosperity.  Finally, Dr. Paul Cwik closed the seminar with a lecture about the morality of capitalism, which moved students to leave their seats for a standing ovation.

As with each of our seminars, participants were sent into the world with a charge to become thought leaders among their peers and to stay connected with each other as they advance in their studies. Every alumnus and alumnae-—from this program and every FEE program since 1962—is welcome to join the FEE Alumni Network.