The Spirit of Generosity

Episode 4 April 6, 2020

The fourth film in our award-winning series chronicles Dian’s amazing story from a young, single mother to one of the most successful female CEOs in Texas.

Her incredible spirit, unwavering dedication to her employees, keen business sense, and indomitable work ethic are all beautiful examples of… How We Thrive.

Executive Produced by Sean W. Malone ​
Produced by Prominence Films
Produced & Directed by Valerie Hinkle-Marshall 
Cinematography & Editing by Jared H.H- Marshall
Music by Steven Melin
Sound Design by Bastien Benkhelil
Graphic Design by Tim Webster


When Dian and Jean Owen got married in 1969, they were excited about building a long and prosperous life together. But just a few months after their wedding, Jean lost his job as a hospital pharmacist.

And yet, what seemed like failure would actually mark the beginning of a remarkable entrepreneurial journey. Dian and Jean rose from the ashes and founded a new pharmacy management company: Owen Healthcare.

Tragically, in September 1976, Jean died in a tragic plane crash, leaving Dian as a single mother and now the sole owner of their fledgling company.

But Dian’s incredible work ethic, leadership, and dedication to creating and nurturing a positive company culture gave her incredible resolve. And it paid off. She even set up an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, ultimately giving her employees more than a quarter of Owen Healthcare.

“I wanted to share that success with the people that were building my company.”
- Dian

The same Spirit of Generosity that moved Dian to give a portion of her company to her employees lives on in her philanthropy, through the Dian Graves Owen Foundation.

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