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The Scooter Revolution Will Be Privatized

August 17, 2018

If you live in a major city, you’re probably seeing Bird and Lime electric scooters everywhere. They may look abandoned, but they’re actually ready waiting for any user to pick up and pay to use with a smartphone app. They may look like easy pickings for thieves, but Bird and Lime have adopted various measures that have kept theft and vandalism to a minimum.

These companies have every incentive to innovate and implement ways to secure and maintain their resources, because the scooters are their private property. They fully benefit from such care and fully suffer the costs of any negligence. Compare this to communal/public property, which is so often overused and under-maintained.

In this episode, FEEcast explores the philosophy and economics of private property. Why is it important? Should property rights be “balanced” against other rights? Watch, consider, and comment!

Show Notes:

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