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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Notes from FEE – Fall 2016

Watch your mailbox and inbox for good news


Although the headlines of current events can tend to be dark and discouraging, here at FEE the good news is constantly pouring in about how broadly the ideas of liberty are reaching young people.

As you may have noticed, we’ve recently started passing these news items along to you, about once a week, to help you see how we’re achieving increasing returns on your investment in FEE.

For example, we’ve shown you pictures of FEE seminars near Atlanta, Georgia and Nassau, Bahamas, where the cooperation of local sponsors has brought us overflow audiences at low cost.

You’ve seen photos from sessions of FEE’s Economics in One Day workshop being conducted entirely by volunteers (in English and other languages!) at no expense to FEE beyond the original product development — and in far-flung locations that would otherwise have been cost-prohibitive for FEE to reach.

Notes from FEE

Another way that we plan to keep you up to date is by reviving our traditional quarterly newsletter, Notes from FEE. The first installment of this completely redesigned publication will be sent to our donors later this month, and you can get a sneak-preview right here.

In the first issue, you will learn how our life-changing seminars, just concluded, have broken all previous records. The popularity of these programs among young people is off the charts, and our challenge now is to create enough capacity to satisfy the demand!You will also see the tremendous surge in readership of and learn some of the ways that we are achieving this online traffic, while striving to insure that our online outreach is a 21st Century realization of the original principles upon which FEE was founded in 1946.Over the past 24 months, traffic to has tripled to 1,000,000 sessions per month. At this rate, traffic will exceed 2,000,000 sessions per month by the end of 2017.As in the past, Notes from FEE will also feature a notable essay from our recent archives, as well as lively photographs from FEE events — visual representations of how your investment in FEE is changing students’ lives.Between issues, we’ll stay in touch with you about the latest developments in the spread of the freedom philosophy to the rising generation. If you believe as we do in the power of ideas to transform the culture, particularly among the young, I think the news will lift your spirits as much as it does ours.

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