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Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy 113th Birthday, Leonard Read!

On this day 113 years ago Leonard Read, founder of the Foundation for Economic Education, was born in Hubbardston, Michigan. In addition to founding the first modern free-market think tank Leonard penned numerous works including 29 books and the renowned free-market short story I, Pencil.

Many of Leonard Read’s works, including “I, Pencil,” which was subsequently featured in Read’s book Anything That’s Peaceful, can be found in our Archives.

Read passed away on May 14, 1983 at the age of 84. He is greatly missed by those who knew him but his legacy continues to live on through the work of the Foundation for Economic Education.

Learn more about Leonard Read here Leonard E. Read: A Portrait and here Leonard Read, the Founder and Builder.

  • Brian Aitken is a marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and writer who is well known for being imprisoned, and later released on firearms charges he denies.