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Zachary Caceres

Member of: FEE Alumni Board

Zachary Caceres is Executive Director of the Startup Cities Institute, a research group that studies competitive governance and the possibilities of building start-up jurisdictions for political and legal reform. SCI is a project of Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala. Zach is also editor of the online magazine Radical Social Entrepreneurs.

For work in behavioral political economy, he won the 2011 Carl Menger Essay Contest held by the Southern Economics Association. He has been published or featured by the Boston Phoenix, DigitalCulture.LA, HuffingtonPost Live, Barron’s, Plaza Publica, the Associated Press,, Adam Smith Institute, John Locke Foundation, Kosmos Online, and the Peer-To-Peer Foundation. He is a contributor to Hayek and Behavioral Economics and Basic Income and the Free Market: Austrian Economics and the Potential for Efficient Redistribution, both published by Palgrave.



Zachary Caceres's Articles

Hacking Law and Governance with Startup Cities

Business and technology behemoths get overturned by innovators all the time, but Leviathan's long overdue for a shake-up. Startup cities offer a way to start experimenting with governance and find better ways to do things. 

- July 09, 2013

Spontaneous Order: Awakening the Sacred

The fundamental creativity of the universe steeps us in complexity beyond our comprehension. From the rigidness of iron to the endless variation in markets, we are part of a universe of wholes greater than the sums of their parts. 

- April 10, 2013

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