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Roger Donway

Roger Donway is a freelance writer and editor whose work focuses on philosophy, economics, and history. In addition to heading up the Business Rights Center, Donway is assisting author Robert Bradley, Jr. with his forthcoming book Edison to Enron: Energy Markets and Political Strategies, the second volume in Bradley's trilogy, Political Capitalism (M&M Scrivener Press). Donway performed editing and research for Bradley's first book in the trilogy, Capitalism at Work: Business, Government, and Energy.


Roger Donway's Articles

Living Together

Concerning the bonds of sociability underlying the concept of laissez faire.

- April 01, 1978

Capitalism and the Wages of Virtue

Removing some barriers for those who would extol the virtues of competition.

- December 01, 1974

Makers or Takers

Why it is wrong to count on the promises of socialism.

- September 01, 1974

Markets and Morals

The consumer is king in a free market, but no one is compelled to serve him.

- April 01, 1974

The Limits of Credulity

An analysis of the dilemma of revisionist historians in their attempt to justify postwar foreign policy.

- September 01, 1973

The Intellect in Utopia

How the mind of the reformer and his freedom to plan must give way to the coercive methods he espouses.

- June 01, 1969

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