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Robert M. Thornton

Mr. Thornton is a businessman in Covington, Kentucky.


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William Jay Gaynor: Libertarian Mayor of New York

Once in a while, it seems, people get a better man in office than they deserve.

- March 01, 1970

John Quincy Adams: 1767-1848

How would John Quincy Adams rate in the political polls were he to stand for office today?

- January 01, 1968

Erasmus, Reform, and the Remnant

Even our moral affairs, if we would heed the teachings of Erasmus of Rotterdam, depend for improvement upon the responsible behavior of individuals.

- June 01, 1967


Until a man has his own house in order, it ill behooves him to worry for the whole world.

- January 01, 1967

On Heroes, History, and Our Heritage

The heroic stand of stalwart men pervades our history and constitutes our heritage - lest we forget.

- August 01, 1966

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