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Paul Schwennesen

Paul Schwennesen is a southern Arizona rancher. He can be reached at Paul holds a Master’s degree in Government from Harvard University and a dual Bachelor’s degree from the Air Force Academy. He appears frequently on FOX Business News, and is a regular contributor to the Property and Environment Research Center. His writing has appeared in The Freeman, American Spectator, The Tucson Citizen, Stockman Grass Farmer, Master Resource, and the Arizona Cattlelog. He and his wife Sarah raise three children in a decidedly centralized, highly regulatory environment.

Paul Schwennesen's Articles

Gouging, Free Markets, and the Psychology of Fuel

By promoting the individual development and harnessing of fuel, we can avoid the pitfalls posed by centralized control.

- July 25, 2011

Food Debate: Stick to Persuasion

The vibrant social debate over what makes for good food and where to get it is an excellent one to have. But let’s keep it (and the choices people make) out in the open, not behind the counter of the State.

- June 15, 2011

Local Food Makes Strange Dining Companions

Ironically enough, while many so-called liberals express skepticism about laissez-faire economies, they are the first to indignantly resist intrusion by bureaucrats into local farmers’ markets.

- June 01, 2011

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