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Karl Borden is professor of financial economics at the University of Nebraska-Kearney and a serial entrepreneur with 11 successful business start-ups to his credit. Borden served for 14 years on the Cato Institute’s National Advisory Council for Social Security Reform, is a senior fellow at the Constitutional Heritage Foundation, and has published and consulted in the field of corporate finance.

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Economics as a Hard Science

Modern economic activity is more complex than the fires burned by primitive man, but both activities still hinge on the thermodynamic fundamentals of heat and entropy.

Thorpe-Freeman Monthly Blog Award: The Danger of Hypostatization

This month’s Thorpe-Freeman Blog Contest Award goes to Lucy Hang La for her blog post “No More Magic,” commenting on Gian Pierro de Bellis’s Freeman article “Magic Words and False Gods.”

- November 04, 2013

Thorpe-Freeman Monthly Blog Award: The Genesis of Authority

Ivan Glinski is this month's Thorpe-Freeman blog award winner.

- August 01, 2013

Thorpe-Freeman Monthly Blog Award: The Paradox of Spontaneous Order

The winner this month is Adam Millsap, for his observations on Troy Camplin's article "The Beautiful City."

- July 08, 2013

Thorpe-Freeman Monthly Blog Award: Culture and Optimism

Congratulations to Brandon Christensen, the first recipient of the monthly Thorpe Blog Award!

- June 03, 2013

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