Hannah Lapp

Hannah Lapp is a dairy farmer and writer in Cassadaga, New York.


Hannah Lapp's Articles

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

How did we come to accept that one group’s version of education should be forcibly imposed on every American child?

- February 01, 1993

America's Child Protective System: Is It Really Protection?

Our child protective system needs a return to full public scrutiny of the actions of child welfare agencies and courts.

- December 01, 1992

The Home-Birth Controversy

Midwives are intimidated by medical and welfare agencites.Midwives are intimidated by medical and welfare agencites.

- June 01, 1992

Home Schooling: A Personal Experience

Hannah Lapp tells her home schooling story.

- April 01, 1991

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