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George Hagedorn

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Director of the Center for Statistical Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, and Theoretical Chemistry, Virginia Tech. 

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Deregulation - What Prospects?

Let's admit that government is not a universal problem solver.

- October 01, 1975

Buying Up Surpluses

Pricing goods or services out of the market always raises the problem of what to do about the "surplus."

- August 01, 1971

Transportation: Regulation vs. Competition

Government regulation of transportation has resulted in injury, rather than benefit, to the industries regulated and to the public.

- May 01, 1971

Uneven Inflation

The uneven response of various prices and incomes introduces distortions and inequities into the economy.

- April 01, 1971

Uses of Ignorance

Why persist in projecting our ignorance to what is unknowable in principle?

- December 01, 1970

National Goals

Goals that depend upon coercive measures may destroy people.

- April 01, 1970

Capital Gains

It's not real income being taxed, but the principal of the thing.

- August 01, 1969

Failure of Politics

Taxing producers invariably aggravates the problems of the poor.

- September 01, 1968

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