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George Charles Roche III

George Charles Roche III (1935 – 2006) was the 11th president of Hillsdale College, serving from 1971 to 1999

George Charles Roche III's Articles

The Real American Revolution

A faith in free enterprise and free men, a faith based on a fundamental belief in God.

It Began with the Greeks

An early chapter in Western man's struggle to understand himself and his universe, and in the process, to free his soul.

Education in America: 12. A Philosophy of Growth

In conclusion, education for individuality turns out to be an individual rather than a collective responsibility.

- September 01, 1969

Education in America: 11. Creativity

Concerning the individual nature of the creative process and how it is thwarted by institutionalized conformity.

- August 01, 1969

Education in America: 10. Revolt on Campus

The frantic and destructive flounderings of youth, lost in a morally bankrupt educational structure.

Education in America: 9. Academic Freedom for What?

Freedom to seek the truth within the bounds of civilized society and to attract students toward such findings.

Education in America: 8. The Multiversity

The problems of size when education is bent to serve the collective.

Education in America: 7. Why Institutionalize Our Errors?

How the basic structure of the educational system reflects the new methods of mass education.

Education in America: 6. The Perpetual Adolescent

Adjustment to the mediocrity of undisciplined youth denies maturity and the advantages of civilization.

Education in America: 4. The Decline of Intellect

How dangerous a little knowledge may be is revealed by those who would reject their intellectual heritage in a new adjustment to circumstances.

- January 01, 1969

Education in America: 1. What Has Happened?

Introducing a series concerning the American ideals of higher education, the departures therefrom, and the prospects for recovery.

- October 01, 1968

Power: 3. Social Effects

In this third chapter, George Roche examines various social effects of the modern manifestations of political power.

- August 01, 1967

Power: 2. Some Modern Manifestations

Last month, George Roche outlined the history of the use and abuse of political power; now he explores in greater detail some of the modern manifestations.

Power: 1. History

Dr. George Roche here reviews the history of the uses and abuses of political power, and in subsequent articles will examine some modern manifestations and their effects and look to the prospects for curbing these excesses.

A Youth Corps for America?

George Roche looks carefully at some of the proposals for the youth of America and warns of the dangers of such regimentation.

American Federalism: Future

Those who understand and practice freedom may breathe new life into the forms of American Federalism, suggests Dr. Roche, and revitalize the government as an instrument of justice rather than forced equality.

American Federalism: Erosion

In this third article of his series on American Federalism, Dr. Roche identifies a number of today's most devastating departures from the basic principles and design.

- February 01, 1967

American Federalism: History

Dr. Roche reviews in this issue the historical record of Federalism in the United States of America.

- January 01, 1967

American Federalism: Origins

Dr. George Roche may be a newcomer to FEE's staff, but he discusses the origins of American Federalism as though he might have sat in the sessions of the Founding Fathers themselves.

- December 01, 1966

Please Step Aside

Professor Roche reminds us that Diogenes knew, several hundred years ago, that the individual could not survive the blessings of the Great Society.

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