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Edward Y. Breese

Mr. Breese has taught Industrial Management at Georgia Tech and headed the Department of Humanities at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Institute in Florida. At present he is a free-lance writer.


Edward Y. Breese's Articles

Hobson's Choice

Not the head politician but the individual citizen determines the nature of the economy and body politic.

- September 01, 1973

A Vote for Myself

A vote everyone should be able to cast in confidence.

- October 01, 1972


Equal opportunities to different persons yield unequal results.

- May 01, 1968

A Great Society

For contrast, retrace with Edward Breese, the origin and development of an earlier and strictly homemade great society off the shores of Massachusetts.

- November 01, 1967

I Can Be Free

Despite socialistic trends, suggests Ed Breese, there are ways an individual can be free, if he tries.

- August 01, 1967

Set My People Free

Ones practice of freedom may be hindered by others, but there isnt any way to be free without doing it yourself

- October 01, 1966

The Human Desire for Freedom

The human desire for the freedom of recognition is a major reason why the totalitarian state is unlikely to prevail.

- January 01, 1966

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