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Charles R. LaDow

Mr. La Dow of San Diego, is a retired teacher of social studies with an ongoing concern for maximizing the freedom of the individual.


Charles R. LaDow's Articles

Mother Nature: Friend or Foe?

The eternal struggle between nature and culture.

- April 01, 1976

The Blindness of Macro-economics

A call to exchange the welfare state for the personal liberty guaranteed in the Constitution.

- November 01, 1974

Why Is Liberalism Endemic?

Concerning the continued popularity of a social system that is such a failure.

- October 01, 1974

What Is Philanthrophy?

If private charity is demeaning, how may we describe governmental redistribution?

- September 01, 1974

Do You Want to Live Forever?

An obsession for security is the enemy of freedom, and a threat to our survival.

- March 01, 1974

The Right to Be Wrongand the Obligation to Be Right

To the right of free speech is forever attached the obligation to be right.

- November 01, 1973

Free Giving vs. the Welfare State

Personal giving is the only kind; and it is best done voluntarily.

- February 01, 1972

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