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Benjamin A. Rogge

Benjamin A. Rogge (1920-1980) was Distinguished Professor of Political Economy at Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana. He held degrees from Hastings College (A.B.), the University of Nebraska (M.A.), and Northwestern University (Ph.D.), and was a member of both the American Economic Association and the Mont Pelerin Society. He had a gift for rendering into clear English the vital principles of economics, all with a touch of unforgettable humor. He opposed compulsory, state-funded education and sought market alternatives. Among his intellectual mentors was Nobel laureate F. A. Hayek.

Benjamin A. Rogge's Articles

Yes, America, There Is an Energy Problem, BUT...

Putting me problem in perspective, to seek a market solution.

- November 01, 1977

The Businessman and Free Enterprise

Some suggested ways to help preserve a climate in which business may function.

- February 01, 1976

No New Urban Jerusalem

A persuasive appeal to leave to the market the knotty problems of urban renewal.

- March 01, 1975

The Libertarian Philosophy

Dr. Rogge explains his points of departure from conservatives, modern liberals, and the New Left.

- October 01, 1969

Student Power and All That

The Professor offers some ideas on who ought to be in charge on campus.

- September 01, 1969

The Labor Monopoly

Professor Benjamin Rogge finds in compulsory unionism perhaps the most flagrant current example of the abuse of government-granted monopoly power.

- December 01, 1964


- August 01, 1963

Is Economic Freedom Possible?

A careful examination of the charge that a free society would be controlled by private monopoly.

- April 01, 1963

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