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Anne Wortham

Anne Wortham is an associate professor of sociology at Illinois State University. She is a rare voice in the liberty movement — a scholar and rogue academic. She wrote her first piece for The Freeman in 1966. 

Anne Wortham's Articles

A Decision Against Meritorious Achievement

Special favors can hurt, as do laws which discriminate against us.

- October 01, 1978

Individuality and Intellectual Independence

If an individual is to make use of his reason, he must choose to think.

- August 01, 1975

Equal Opportunity versus Individual Opportunity

The political duty is to uphold the right of each person to act upon the opportunities he perceives.

- July 01, 1975

Giving and Receiving With Respect

A case study of voluntary charity in a spirit of mutual understanding and respect for life and property.

- July 01, 1973

Because I Am an Individualist

Anne Wortham is an individual before she is a Negro, and respectfully requests that we let her keep it that way.

- November 01, 1967

Individualism Versus Racism

A young American thoughtfully reexamines the issue of civil rights and how individuals may hope to earn and enjoy them.

- January 01, 1966

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