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Alice Salles

Alice Salles is a wordsmith, editor, and ghost writer. As a columnist and contributor, she covers both foreign and domestic policy and offers commentary from a libertarian perspective.

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Marijuana Legalization Quietly Goes Global

In 2016, Uruguay and Canada legalized and regulated weed, helping to remove the stigma around the use of the plant. But Ireland, Australia, Germany, and Jamaica weren’t far behind, approving laws that recognize medical marijuana.

- January 03, 2017

Government Warrant Issued for Everything You Tell Your Amazon Echo

If this case serves as an example of anything, it is that your privacy is not protected, even if companies like Amazon refuse to cooperate with law enforcement under certain circumstances. With or without a warrant, officials will continue to use similar devices against their owners.

- December 30, 2016

Silk Road Case Sets Dangerous Precedents

At the end of the day, the Silk Road provided a voluntary platform for drug sales using technology including Bitcoin, and his actions worked to subvert the government’s anti-drug policies.

- December 10, 2016

Castro Was Monstrous, and So Is Our Embargo

Instead of looking at the details of Obama’s decisions and how Cuba runs its own economy, the public prefers to panic over what the President-elect has said. How about taking a hard look at what the current president has enabled, which will allow the incoming president to be even more of a corporate hack than he is?

- November 30, 2016

Why Haitians Don't Want You to Donate to the Red Cross

Despite the desperate pleas for help coming from the hurricane-torn island nation, many Haitians are not thrilled about the presence of scandal-ridden organizations such as the American Red Cross (ARC) — or the Clinton Foundation — in their country.

- October 21, 2016

Attorney General Admits Pot Isn't a Gateway Drug, but that Prescription Pills Are

"If you tend to experiment with a lot of things in life, you may be inclined to experiment with drugs, as well. But it’s not like we’re seeing that marijuana as a specific gateway."

- October 01, 2016

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