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Engage with entrepreneurs, artists, and influencers who bring a rich background of expertise to your school or classroom while engaging your students in an interactive way that will inspire them to become creative thinkers, better leaders, and responsible individuals.

Stay Motivated Despite Hardship

Become Self-Accountable

Enhance Listening Skills

Resolve Conflict Peacefully

Learn to Ask for Help

Develop Responsibility

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The Foundation for Economic Education is a 501c3 nonprofit, and we strive to make quality education available to as many people as possible. That’s why Revolution of One is available at no cost to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many students can participate?

We'll host the in-person workshop for a minimum of 50 students, and the webinar version for a minimum of 15.

Who is this program for?

These individuals are likely to be college students or participants in some kind of pre-career apprenticeship program. If they are in college, their goal is to graduate college early.

Which National Standards does this workshop teach?

This program teaches approved content for the following standards:

Entrepreneurship Achievement Standards:

  1. Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Achievement Standard: Recognize that entrepreneurs possess unique characteristics and evaluate the degree to which one possesses those characteristics.

III. Economics

Achievement Standard: Apply economic concepts when making decisions for an entrepreneurial venture.

  1. Finance

Achievement Standard: Use the financial concepts and tools needed by the entrepreneur in making business decisions.

  1. Business Plans

Achievement Standard: Develop a business plan.

National Voluntary Standards in Economics

Standard 2 Decision Making

Benchmarks Grade 12: 

  1. Some decisions involve taking risks in that either the benefits or the costs could be uncertain. Risk taking carries a cost. When risk is present, the costs should be treated as higher than when risk is not present. 6. Explain why an investment that pays a guaranteed $1,000 a year, is more desirable for most people than an investment that pays $2,000 a year with a 50% chance and $0 with a 50% chance.

Standard 6 Specialization

Benchmarks Grade 12: 

  1. Individuals and nations have a comparative advantage in the production of goods or services if they can produce a product at a lower opportunity cost than other individuals or nations. Apply the concepts of opportunity cost and comparative advantage to the following problem: The Netherlands can produce in one day either four drill presses or eight embroidered tablecloths. Using the same amount of resources, Portugal can produce either two drill presses or seven embroidered tablecloths. Which country should specialize in producing drill presses and import tablecloths, and why? Which country should specialize in producing table cloths and import drill presses, and why?

Economics Standard 14 (Entrepreneurship)

Benchmarks Grade 12:

  1. Entrepreneurial decisions are influenced by tax, regulatory, education, and research support policies. Explain how government sponsored research may affect entrepreneurial activity. Explain how entrepreneurial activity is affected by a tax policy that affects income from profits and capital investment.
  2. Productivity and efficiency gains that result from innovative practices of entrepreneurs foster long term economic growth. Explain how the invention and diffusion of the personal computer has contributed to increases in gross domestic product.

Can you help me convince my administrator to approve the program?

Of course! Our programs are high quality and comply with state and national standards in social studies, plus they're tailored to your specific needs and conveniently fit into one or two class periods.

They are also absolutely free for schools to host!

We want to make this decision as easy as possible for your administration, but if you still have any other questions, please contact us any time at [email protected].

How should students prepare for the program?

Students should bring a pen and paper to take notes for an in-person program, an internet-connected device with a camera and microphone for a webinar, and a great attitude!

I’m interested in a workshop for my class, but on a different topic. Can you help me?

Yes! Fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page and we will discuss how to best accommodate your needs.

Some alternate talks our instructors can deliver include:

  • The Economics of Your Dreams: The things you want in life cannot be separated from your need to foster economic cooperation.
  • The Secret of Win Win: The best way to get what you want is to get what they want.
  • The Creativity of the Market: Everyone has unique talents; harness this reality and you will win.
  • The Entrepreneurial Principles of Career Building (series):
    • Session 1: Being an entrepreneur versus being entrepreneurial
    • Session 2: The Science of Value-Creation & The Art of Opportunity-Seeking
    • Session 3: How to become the Marketing Director for your Dreams
  • Are We Good Enough for Leadership: Understanding the Power of Character (series):
    • Session 1: Seek Responsibilities, Not Titles
    • Session 2: Why Integrity is the Foundation for Sustainable Success
    • Session 3: Knowing the Difference Between Your Passion and Your Mission
  • Non-Zero Days: Do not try to change the world in one day. Set and accomplish small goals consistently.
  • Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur: A 2 hour part-lecture part-guided discussion with activities experience to help your students discover the entrepreneur within them.
  • Get Angry: Like Rosa Parks, take practical action to create positive change.
  • Carry the Tray: Improve your personal skill set.
  • Work on Your Dreams as if You Were Awake: Kickstart your productivity and pursue your goals
  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome: Resolving the fears and self-doubts that stop us from using our voice, helping others, and following our dreams.
  • Financial Literacy: Money management, debt reduction, investing basics, mastering the wealth mindset
  • Starting a Profitable Business: Generating ideas, writing a business plan, raising capital, attracting customers
  • Career Preparation: Navigating the job hunt, marketing yourself, interviewing like a pro, networking, creating unconventional opportunities
  • Leadership: Communication, conflict-resolution, mentoring, managing teams, giving and receiving feedback, selling a vision.
  • Goal-setting: How to clarify your preferences and priorities,, how to get started, how to keep yourself accountable, how to distinguish goals from desires, the secrets of habit formation.
  • Anger management: Using frustrations as fuel, dealing with emotional vampires, processing your feelings, how to communicate when angry.
  • Self-Esteem: Building a positive self-image, destroying stereotypes, character development, and personal responsibility 
  • Direction: How to make decisions when you don’t know what you want to do, why your mistakes/failures are part of the self-discovery process, Weighing pros and cons, what to do when your life doesn’t make sense to others.

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