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Tuesday, September 1, 1964

The Positive Approach

The liberal-socialist is always positively for something. But the conservative-libertarian is all too frequently merely against some­thing. That’s why the socialists are winning.

Now personally I’m positively for every good thing there is. For example, I’m aggressively in favor of higher standards for education – and more and better education – than any socialist I ever met. I want the best possible medical care for everyone. With all my heart, I desire that every family in the United States and else­where shall be well fed, well clothed, and well housed.

I’m positively and vehemently for absolute equality under law, with no legal references whatever to a person’s race or religion. Whether a person is black, white, or Druid, I’ll march to gain for him the legal right to use his property for any purpose he wishes except to injure others.

While the socialists campaign for minimum wages and minimum standards of living, I shall con­tinue positively to explain to peo­ple how the free market will bring maximum wages, high standards, and more goods and services for everyone. I’m for the maximum and against the minimum.

If people only realized it, the advocates of these minimums and averages are their deadliest ene­mies. The socialists want to de­press the people to a common level; the libertarian wants to elevate each individual person to his highest capabilities.

The socialists want to standard­ize people; the libertarian wants to encourage and assist each per­son to develop his own personality and potentiality to the fullest.

The socialists want to restrict and forbid and control; the liber­tarian wants to remove the arti­ficial and man-made obstacles to peace, progress, and plenty.

Since that is what you and I favor, why don’t we say so? If we explain our viewpoints con­sistently and effectively, we will soon put the socialists on the de­fensive where they belong. For when it comes to an interest in the true welfare of people, the socialists are small men of little vision.