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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Birthday, Milton Friedman

The Nobel Laureate Would Have Been 101 Today

Milton Friedman would have been 101 today. While many remember the birthday of the great communicator of free-market ideas, only a few know that FEE, and Leonard Read in particular, were instrumental in the early days of his career.

FEE's second publication was a pamphlet Friedman co-authored with George Stigler called “Roofs or Ceilings? The Current Housing Problem.” Read wrote the forward himself, and you can read the original here.

The two future Nobel laureates discussed in a few pages that rent ceilings are not only “partial expropriations of property rights, but if considered a tool against inflation in the post-war time, they come at a great cost.”

Read Friedman's and Stigler's Pamphlet here.

  • Tsvetelin Tsonevski the Director of Student Programs at The Independent Institute. He is formerly the director of academic affairs at FEE. He holds an LL.M. degree in Law and Economics from George Mason School of Law.