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Monday, August 11, 2014

Full Disclosure: Reed Interview

FEE President Lawrence Reed Interviewed by The Daily Bell

The Daily Bell interviews FEE President Lawrence Reed. If you're curious about how FEE is doing — and what we're doing — this is the interview for you.

Here's a sliver:

When we complete our move to Atlanta this fall, we will really miss the old Irvington, New York property in which we've been domiciled since our founding almost 70 years ago. But the economics of it made the case for relocation indisputable. Almost no individual is still living seven decades later in the same house in which he was born – and that's because at some point, moving on meant opening new doors of opportunity. That's certainly true in our case. We can accomplish so much more from a lower-cost and friendlier climate than we could if we stayed in expensive Westchester County, New York. I know that some people have taken it hard that we've sold our old mansion but we're not a museum. We are an educational organization devoted to advancing the legal, ethical and economic foundations of a free society. We can do that better and cut our costs of doing so by moving to Atlanta, which has a great airport, a lower cost of living, and many inviting opportunities for a young staff. We'll preserve and display the best of our past at the same time we put the savings to work not in prolonging old bricks and mortar but in enlivening young minds. Leonard Read would have regarded anything else as poor stewardship of donor dollars.

Read the whole thing.

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