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Tuesday, March 1, 1960

Dollarless Diplomacy or–An Episode In The Cold War

Economist at Fayetteville, Arkansas

It was a rainy afternoon

At story-telling time.

Old Kaspar lit a fresh cigar

and poured a rum-and-lime,

While Peterkin and Wilhelmine

Warmed up the television screen.


They saw a mob of shouting men

Who thronged a city square

And cast a hail of sticks and stones

On Buicks passing there;

While soldiers stood in close array

With faces turned the other way.


“Now tell us what ’twas all about,”

The little children cried.

“It was a Demonstration, dears,”

Old Kaspar soon replied;

“Against the Dollar Scarcity

And profitless Neutrality.”


“The Neutrals’ lot is very hard,”

Said Kaspar with a sigh;

“They have to make the goods they sell

And pay for what they buy;

And when the dollar bills are passed,

They always get their helpings last.”


“Then who were in the Buick cars?”

Cried little Peterkin.

“It was a Delegation, dear,”

Said Kaspar with a grin;

“They brought a load of free good will,

But not a single dollar bill.”

  • H. P. B. JENKINS, 1902-1963. Following active service in the European Theater during World War II, Dr. Harry Jenkins taught Economics in the College of Business Ad­ministration at the University of Arkansas. Many will best remember him as author of the "Old Kasper" communiques, carried continuously in THE FREEMAN since February 1959.

    Dr. Jenkins was stricken and died while walking home from graduation ceremonies on the campus, January 26, 1963.