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Staff of the Foundation for Economic Education:

  • Lawrence W. Reed
    Lawrence W. Reed

    Lawrence W. (“Larry”) Reed became president of FEE in 2008 after serving as chairman of its board of trustees in the 1990s and both writing and speaking for FEE since the late 1970s. Follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook.

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  • Wayne Olson
    Wayne Olson

    Wayne Olson is the executive director of the Foundation for Economic Education. He previously served for six years as the chairman of FEE’s board of trustees.

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  • James Anderson
    James Anderson

    James is the Marketing Manager at FEE. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a major in General Management, focusing on Marketing and Human Resources, and minors in Japanese and Economics. 

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  • Daniel Bier
    Daniel Bier

    Daniel Bier is the editor of Anything Peaceful. He writes on issues relating to science, civil liberties, and economic freedom.

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  • Marianna Brashear
    Marianna Brashear

    Marianna is the Manager of the Character and Values Initiative at the Foundation for Economic Education aimed at teaching the humane value and ethical principles of free markets to FEE’s student audience. She is a Ukrainian immigrant whose life passion is to promote the ideas and virtues of liberty and free markets. Marianna has served as a Russian instructor for the US Air Force and is a huge advocate of homeschooling. For fun, Marianna is an accomplished ballroom and Latin dancer and instructor. She also enjoys international travel and reading about positive psychology and philosophy. Marianna holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Aspen University.

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  • Lauren Hicks
    Lauren Hicks

    Lauren Hicks is a Communications graduate from Berry College. During her time there, she dabbled in just about every class she could take and soon found a passion for the business aspect of things. She has a fierce love for all things organized and efficient. Lauren believes in keeping a detailed calendar, making lists and keeping order. She is excited to lend her talents to help promote FEE's mission by keeping the office up and running.

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  • Jason Kelly
    Jason Kelly

    Jason Kelly is a graduate of Hillsdale College and the Web and Digital Media Manager at FEE. 

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  • Richard Lorenc
    Richard Lorenc

    Richard N. Lorenc is the Chief Operating Officer of FEE and Publisher of the Freeman.

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  • B.K. Marcus
    B.K. Marcus

    B.K. Marcus is editor of the Freeman.

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  • Sara Morrison
    Sara Morrison

    Sara Morrison is the Program Operations Manager at FEE.

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  • Carl Oberg
    Carl Oberg

    Carl Oberg is the Director of Finance for the Foundation for Economic Education.

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  • Ian Ostaszewski
    Ian Ostaszewski

    Ian Ostaszewski is a graduate of Hillsdale College, where he studied economics and played percussion in the college orchestra. In his spare time, Ian enjoys watching TV, writing music, and making origami. He is half Polish and half Filipino.

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  • Jason Riddle
    Jason Riddle

    Jason Riddle is the Director of Programs and Alumni Relations at FEE. Prior to joining FEE, Jason spent over eight years as a management consultant working with a variety of public and private organizations to enhance their business performance through improved risk management, operational effectiveness, and control around internal and external reporting.

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  • William Smith
    William Smith

    William Smith is a Program Development Associate at FEE, crafting engaging seminars for our growing young audience.

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  • Justin Streiff
    Justin Streiff

    Justin Streiff is the Director of Development at the Foundation for Economic Education. In this role, he directs FEE’s nationwide development efforts and serves as a key liaison for established and prospective investors.

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  • Elise Thompson
    Elise Thompson

    Elise is a recent graduate of James Madison College at Michigan State University with a major in Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy. Elise previously was an intern at the Institute for Humane Studies and was involved in Students For Liberty as both a Campus Coordinator and then as a North American Executive Board Member, serving as the Regional Director for the Great Lakes region. Elise interned with FEE during her last year of school before receiving the exciting offer to join the FEE team full-time after graduation! In her free time, Elise likes cooking, reading, and the pursuit of great beer.

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  • Jeffrey A. Tucker
    Jeffrey A. Tucker

    Jeffrey Tucker is Director of Digital Development at FEE, CLO of the startup Liberty.me, and editor at Laissez Faire Books. Author of five books, he speaks at FEE summer seminars and other events. His latest book is Bit by Bit: How P2P Is Freeing the World.  Follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook. 

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  • Ariel Deschapell
    Ariel Deschapell

    Ariel holds the Henry Hazlitt Fellowship for Digital Development at FEE. He is a student of Florida International University with a focus in finance and economics.

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