Chinese Women Give Birth in the US to Thwart the One-Child Policy

Anti-immigration groups want to help Chinese population control by prosecuting women who escape it.

- September 24, 2015

The Inevitable Chinese Stock Market Crash

You can drug an economy for only so long. When the injections stop, the withdrawal symptoms take over. 

- July 09, 2015

Neoliberalism: Making a Boogeyman Out of a Buzzword

Progressives are trying to pin corporatism on free-marketeers, but it's the mixed economy that ends up in the hands of the powerful.

- June 26, 2015

Bed Bugs Are the New Plague

Are you being eaten alive while you sleep? Thank government regulations for that.

- June 12, 2015

A Shrine to a Socialist Demagogue

A tourist in Nicaragua finds what’s left of "21st Century Socialism."

- June 08, 2015

The Berlin Wall: Those Who Refused to Be Caged

Peter Fechter and the 253 others who died at the Berlin Wall are real heroes. They deserve to be remembered.

- May 28, 2015

Progress and Poverty, Then and Now

Henry George, despite his confused economics and infamous land tax, was an eloquent and passionate advocate of the free society.

- May 08, 2015

“We Have to Be Happy”: A True May Day Parade

For an awful lot of people, those May Day parades would more accurately be called a forced march.

- May 01, 2015

Fooled by GDP

What GDP does not distinguish is whether the exchanges that are taking place actually improve human lives. 

- April 29, 2015

Speaking Truth to Power

Jimmy Lai is precisely the sort of individual that John James Cowperthwaite had in mind when he decided that entrepreneurs, not central planners, should drive an economy. 

- April 24, 2015

Hasta La Victoria Siempre

Cuba is still waiting for victory. Recent events prompt reflections from a professor who has seen it all firsthand, and maybe even met folks who will see the country to better times.

- January 15, 2015

Mojitos in Havana?

Many Cuban Americans still carry grudges from the Castro regime. But 55 years on, warming relations can only be a boon for both Americans and our nearest island neighbors. 

- December 19, 2014

No More Bricks in the Wall

For years, the people of the East cowered behind the Iron Curtain. The Berlin Wall was its menacing front line. Then, in an instant, it was all swept away.

- November 10, 2014

Ayn Rand, the Movies, and the Idea of America

A little-known work by Ayn Rand is seeing new light. Laurie Rice reflects on Rand's “Textbook of Americanism,” its philosophical contrasts, and the history that informed it for the Russian radical.

- September 30, 2014

Economics in One Lesson

"No other modern book from which the intelligent layman can learn so much about the basic truths of economics in so short a time." ~ F.A. Hayek

- September 22, 2014

Cheating Commies and Guardian Syndrome

A recent study concludes that former East German communists are more likely to cheat in simulation games. Why? Jane Jacobs's work may offer some clues.

- July 24, 2014

"Why Marxism?" An Interview with C. Bradley Thompson

The lecture "Why Marxism?", is an examination of why so many people are still attracted to Marxism despite the history of totalitarianism and genocide. 

Professor C. Bradley Thompson is the BB&T Research Professor at Clemson University and the Executive Director of the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism. He has also been a visiting fellow at Princeton and Harvard universities and at the University of London.

- November 14, 2012

Economics and the Calculation Problem

Central planning can’t deliver resources efficiently because it ignores the full complexity of the price system.Alex Salter lays it out.

- October 29, 2012

Ayn Rand: Sovietologist

Whatever one thinks of Ayn Rand as a novelist, it is fair to say that her books contain a great deal of sophisticated political and economic thinking.

From 1944 to Nineteen Eighty-Four

I'm inclined to think of George Orwell and F. A. Hayek at the same time. Both showed great courage in writing the truth, undaunted by the consequences awaiting them. Both valued freedom, though they understood it differently.

- December 16, 2011

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