Travis May

Travis May is the founder and CEO of

From a large midwest family, Travis excelled early on and received a full-tuition scholarship to Central Michigan University. There, he earned his B.S. in Computer Science and Management Information Systems. Interested in networking and telecommunications, Travis worked for an early VoIP company iBasis.

Moving to Los Angeles in 2002, he soon came up with the idea for a new start-up. While on a business trip to a resort in Mexico, he wondered how Americans would call overseas to make reservations. Understanding that forcing Americans to dial an international number such as 011-52-55 was a huge barrier to commerce, Travis came up with the idea of offering U.S. Toll Free Numbers to overseas businesses. Twelve years later, has over 25,000 customers and has expanded the same business model to include toll free and virtual phone numbers from over 125 countries.

Travis is also a trustee of the Reason Foundation.