Stephen Bienko

Member of FEE Faculty Network

Stephen is currently the President of 42 Holdings which specializes in brand ownership in companies within the home services industry. Stephen is a dynamic speaker with inspiring, passionate and patriotic presentations. Formally, Stephen was the Senior Vice President of SequentialT a technology marketing company that supercharges fan engagement while producing new revenue streams for sports, music, foundational and political verticals.

Stephen has been involved in the sports marketing and athlete management for the past 10 years. He has designed and implemented some of the most successful marketing initiatives in the Olympic sports division. He spent two years driving the marketing of 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist in the Decathlon, Bryan Clay. Byran's face appeared on the cover of the Wheaties box two times in one year. He also graced the cover of over 10 magazines which is the most since Bruce Jenner.

Mr Bienko proudly attended the United States Air Force Academy and graduated from Villanova University. He is a member of the FEE Faculty Network.