Robert Bidinotto

Member of: FEE Faculty Network

Robert Bidinotto has enjoyed a long career as an award-winning investigative journalist, magazine editor, nonfiction author, popular lecturer, and—most recently—bestselling thriller novelist.

While a teenager in the 1960s, Robert was introduced to The Freeman by his history teacher. That launched a half-century relationship with FEE. Robert became an avid Freeman reader and a fan of the works of Frederic Bastiat and Henry Hazlitt. He penned his first essay for the magazine in 1968, when he was 18. In the decades since, he has contributed many Freeman essays, columns, and reviews, and also served FEE as a lecturer and director of book marketing. In 1994, FEE published his first book, Criminal Justice? The Legal System vs. Individual Responsibility.

As a Staff Writer for Reader’s Digest, Robert wrote high-profile investigative pieces about crime, environmentalism, homelessness, and other controversies. He later served as editor of The New Individualist magazine, where he won the magazine industry’s top honor, the Folio Gold “Eddie” Award, for editorial excellence.

In 2011, Robert published his first political thriller, HUNTER. It became the #1 Kindle bestseller in “Mysteries & Thrillers” and a Wall Street Journal “Top 10 Fiction Ebook.” The sequel, BAD DEEDS, was named 2014 “Book of the Year” by the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance.

Robert lives with his wife on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, where he is currently at work on the third book in his “Dylan Hunter” thriller series.