John Tillman

CEO of Illinois Policy Institute

Member of FEE Faculty Network

John Tillman is one of the nation’s most prominent leaders of a state-based think tank. As CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute, he has transformed what many wrote off as a blue state into a place ripe for free market reform.

John has founded or co-founded a variety of key organizations in Illinois to create the competitive capacity needed toturn Illinois around. In addition to leading the re-launch of the Illinois Policy Institute 501(c)(3), John founded Illinois Policy Action 501(c)(4), the Liberty Justice Center, a 501(c)(3) public interest law firm, Illinois Opportunity Project 501(c)(4), Illinois Liberty PAC and more.

John also serves as the President of Think Freely Media 501(c)(3) and is the founder of the Great Communicators Tournament, two projects dedicated to helping advocates for free enterprise and liberty make the moral case in public policy debates. Think Freely launched…

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