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James W. Lark, III

Lecturer, Systems Engineering and Applied Mathematics Program, Engineering and Society

Member of: FEE Faculty Network

James W. Lark, III is a faculty member in the Department of Systems and Information Engineering and the Applied Mathematics Program in the Department of Engineering and Society at the University of Virginia. He has taught in the School of Engineering and Applied Science since 1993. He has also served as a professor in the Department of Statistics and the McIntire School of Commerce at the University, and served as Assistant to the Athletics Director for Special Projects.

Dr. Lark has served as visiting scholar at the Center for the Study of Public Choice at Virginia Tech. He was an Earhart Foundation Visiting Fellow at the Center for Research in Government Policy and Business in the Graduate School of Management at the University of Rochester. He has also served as a visiting scholar in the Department of Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Department of Mathematics at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He is the author of publications in mathematics, operations research, and artificial intelligence. His solution procedure for finite-horizon partially observed Markov decision processes is known in the research literature as the “Lark algorithm” (or “Lark filtering algorithm”).

He is the chair of the Board of Directors of the Advocates for Self-Government, the secretary of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Individual Liberty, and a member of the Board of Advisors of Students For Liberty.  He serves as a member of the Libertarian National Committee (the Libertarian Party's governing board), and served as chairman of the Libertarian Party during the 2000-2002 term.

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