Christine Ries


Member of: FEE Faculty Network

Christine P. Ries is Professor in the School of Economics at Georgia Tech. She received a PhD in International Business Economics from The University of Chicago (1977) and came to Georgia Tech as Professor and Chair (1997-99) of the School of Economics.  She has previously held faculty positions at The Harvard Business School, The Fuqua School of Business at Duke, the Peter F. Drucker Graduate Management Center at Claremont, and at Stanford University.  At Claremont she was Senior Associate at the Center for Politics and Economics.  She is now a Senior Fellow at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, Adjunct Scholar at Foundation for Education in Economics, Board of Policy Advisors Heartland Institute, Faculty Associate at Georgia Tech’s Program in Science Technology and Innovation Policy, faculty member of Georgia Tech’s Center for 21stCentury Universities and a member of the Philadelphia…

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