What Is Freedom?

Freedom is the most prized and coveted of all God’s blessings. As Americans, you and I are part of only a tiny portion of mankind that has experienced freedom. Its blessings are as precious as the blessing of life itself.

What, then, are the characteristics of freedom?

Granted, freedom is an abstract thing. But let’s try to make freedom more easily understandable. As an experiment, let’s give all the qualities of freedom to one imaginary person. Okay, so if freedom is a person, what would he or she be like? Freedom would be delicate—easily bruised.

Freedom would be fragile—easily destroyed.

Freedom would be elusive—easily lost.

Freedom would be demanding—hard to serve.

That, then, may give you some inkling of what freedom is like.

Let’s draw out our example a little further. If freedom is a person, who are his or her friends and admirers?

Perhaps the poet John Milton put it best. He wrote: "None can love freedom heartily but good men."

When we are good, Freedom will be strong.

When we are self-disciplined, Freedom will be durable. When we are resourceful, Freedom will be resilient. When we are courageous, Freedom will be sturdy. In short, we determine what Freedom shall be like.

Every time we cheat, deceive, falsify, or choose that which is not moral, we put down Freedom. And every time we do something right, honest, moral, decent, positive and uplifting, we make Freedom a little stronger and more secure.

That’s quite a responsibility, isn’t it? To our credit, we have chosen to shoulder that responsibility for more than 200 years. The question is: are you willing to do the same?

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