The United Nations or


Economist at Fayetteville, Arkansas

It was a cold November day

At story-telling time.

Old Kaspar closed the windows tight

and poured a rum-and-lime,

While Peterkin and Wilhelmine

Warmed up the television screen.


They saw a straggling line of men

Who toiled with bleeding hands

To build a lofty, solid wall

Across the shifting sands;

While men in red from foot to crown

Worked just as hard to tear it down.


And sweeping in against the wall,

Like waves upon the shore,

Came lines of howling men in red,

And more and more and more;

Until the wall began to rock

And fall apart beneath the shock.


"Now tell us what it’s all about!"

Cried little Peterkin.

"It’s the United Nations, dear,"

Said Kaspar with a grin;

"They’re building walls against the Reds,

So we’ll sleep safely in our beds."


"Then why do they allow the Reds

To work upon the wall?"

"To chase them off," Old Kaspar said,

"Would never do at all;

For then they never would agree

To help us build Security!"

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