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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Give a Friend a New Perspective and Get $50 for Yourself!

FEE Summer Seminars are back and better than ever! Our newly designed seminars will provide students with a powerful framework that will help them understand the world, make better decisions, and become character-driven leaders for liberty. So, if your friends are new to the economic way of thinking, refer them to a seminar!

Our new seminar topics are great for students of all ideological backgrounds and interests. We have programs for students interested in:

Science and technology

The Arts

Social Justice

Business management

Helping to alleviate poverty in the developing world (High School and College)

Expanding their knowledge of economics

Solving problems in their personal lives

And for high school students who are going to be going out into the Real World soon or who want to see how economics works in their lives.

Not only is this a chance for you to give your friend a chance at a life changing opportunity, it is also a chance for you to make some money! For every person that you refer who attends a seminar, we will pay you $50! Spreading liberty and making money? Not a bad deal!

Refer a friend now.

Applications are now open, so refer a friend and spread the word, space is limited.