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Friday, November 21, 2014


I lowered a box on the
machinery of the city. 
It chewed its way out.

I threw a shawl over
a reflection of the sun. 
It burnt it to a crisp.

I placed a frame around
the moon and it sailed
blithely past its borders.

I wound chains round
my strangest desire and 
it wore them like ribbons.

I locked dissonance in
a cage like an animal and 
it bent the bars and
escaped into the wilds.

I shoved Kafka, handcuffed,
into a patrol car and he 
never stopped laughing
all through his trial.

  • Bruce Boston is the author of more than fifty books and chapbooks, including the dystopian sci-fi novel The Guardener’s Tale and the psychedelic coming-of-age-novel Stained Glass Rain.