Book Review: Americas March Toward Communism: Forsaking Our Heritage by Mark W. Hendrickson

Libertarian Press, Spring Mills, PA 16875 • 1987 • 102 pages $6,95 paperback

Mark Hendrickson systematically discusses the ten points of the Communist Manifesto in light of twentieth- century legislation and popular opinion in the United States, and makes a strong case for his thesis: “The United States has marched far down the road to Communism,” in the sense that we have enacted into law the very agenda proposed by Marx in 1848. At the same time, Hendrickson makes a strong case for the free market economy.

Following the step-by-step treatment of the Communist Manifesto, the author suggests ways to reverse the “march.” He recommends three constitutional amendments and adds “A Call to Action.”

This monograph will be useful to anyone reading or rereading the early works of Marx—and it carries a powerful message for those who may have forgotten that the important battles are in the realm of ideas.

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