FEE's Vision

Making the ideas of liberty familiar and credible to the rising generation.

FEE is the leading organization opening the hearts and minds of 14–26 year-olds to the values of the free market, individual freedom, and strong personal character.


Customer-Centric Education

Focusing first and foremost on delivering value to students.


Principled Thought-Leadership

FEE’s principles have remained steadfast since 1946.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Highly leveraged distribution throughout the Internet and partner organizations.

FEE’s mission is to inspire, educate and connect young adults with the economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society. These principles include individual liberty, free-market economics, entrepreneurship, private property, and strong personal character. FEE envisions a world where the ideas of liberty are familiar and credible to the rising generation. We believe that the free society is the only social arrangement compatible with the humane values and ethical principles of the vast majority of people, particularly those held by members of the rising generation.


Strategic Objectives

FEE has defined three strategic objectives to guide every program and inform opportunities for growth:

  • FEE will be the freedom movement’s leader in knowing our customer.
  • FEE will be the leader in introducing freedom as a life philosophy.
  • FEE will be a leader in the leveraged distribution of ideas on liberty.
~ F.A. Hayek, Nobel laureate in Economics

FEE, the first free-market organization in the United States, was founded in New York in 1946 by Leonard E. Read to study and advance the freedom philosophy. FEE has published or hosted lectures by some of the finest minds of the modern age, including Ludwig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Milton Friedman, James Buchanan, Vernon Smith, Israel Kirzner, Walter Williams, George Stigler, Frank Chodorov, John Chamberlain, F.A. “Baldy” Harper, and William F. Buckley, Jr., among many others.

FEE Timeline


FEE launches the three-year Youth Education & Audience Research project, or “YEAR,” to develop and distribute new forms of pro-liberty media to newcomers.


FEE.org readership reaches 50,000 readers per month, exceeding the circulation of The Freeman magazine at its height in the 1980s.


FEE completes its move from its ancestral headquarters in Irvington-on-Hudson, New York to Atlanta, Georgia.


Lawrence W. Reed becomes FEE’s tenth president as FEE changes its mission to focus on newcomers to the ideas of liberty.


Richard Ebeling becomes FEE’s ninth president.


Mark Skousen becomes FEE’s eighth president.


Donald J. Boudreaux becomes FEE’s seventh president.


Hans Sennholz becomes FEE’s sixth president.


Bruce Evans becomes FEE’s fifth president.


Robert Love becomes FEE’s fourth president.


John Sparks becomes FEE’s third president.


Perry E. Gresham becomes FEE’s second president, following the death of founder Leonard E. Read.


FEE republishes Frédéric Bastiat’s classic book The Law, translated into English by Dean Russell.


FEE acquires The Freeman, a journal about ideas on liberty.


FEE is subpoenaed by the U.S. Congress to defend its free-market principles and programs and is pivotal in saving the United States from the post-WWII socialist consensus.


Ludwig von Mises dictates at FEE his masterpiece Human Action. FEE purchases the first few hundred copies, enabling its publication by the Yale University Press.


Leonard E. Read and associates found FEE on March 7th. FEE publishes Milton Friedman and George Stigler’s ‘Roofs or Ceilings?,’ an influential publication against rent controls.

Learn more about FEE’s history from former New York Times

editorial board member and founding FEE trustee Henry Hazlitt.

FEE’s Impact

Introducing the ideas of a free society to mainstream audiences.


the Freedom Movement

FEE is one of the most innovative and effective organizations in the freedom movement. Our mentality resembles that of a for-profit marketing company: We consider our students and visitors as customers whom we must serve well. This permeates our entire business, from identifying target audiences to testing messaging approaches to measuring conversions. Our ultimate goal is to introduce the ideas of a free society to mainstream audiences across the country. We do this through employing high technology, cutting-edge marketing, and strategic partnerships.

8 Million

People consumed content on FEE.org in 2016


Books distributed from 2013-2016


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Our People

The talent at FEE is our most valuable resource. Our team represents expertise in a variety of fields, from economics to technology.

Meet the professionals who dedicate their lives to spreading and advancing the ideas of freedom.


An investment in FEE is an investment in the entire liberty movement.

~ Ron Manners, entrepreneur and FEE investor

The Challenge

Freedom Faces

By 2020, 16 million more young people will reach voting age in the U.S. In our schools and universities, many will learn to admire socialism and support the Progressive agenda.

How will they learn to view the world through a free-market lens unless we reach out and inspire them with our ideas?

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An investment in FEE is an investment in the
entire liberty movement.