The US government has a horrible track record of abuse and injustice when it comes to the treatment of American Indians, and that abuse continues today. Although it is no longer wholesale slaughter, enslavement, or forced integration, bigger and more intrusive government in the everyday affairs of American Indians continues to harm their well-being and stifles their ability to flourish.

We’re taking a deeper look at the full-blown socialism wrecking Indian Reservations in the United States on this feature episode of Out of Frame.
Written by Sean W. Malone & Jen Maffessanti
Produced by Sean W. Malone
Edited by Michael Ozias
Asst. Edited by Abby Richardson

– The Failure of Socialism –

– American Indian vs. Native American –

– American Indian Mistreatment –

US Indian Boarding School History

– Progressive Era Disaster –

– Reservation Woes –

Racial Wealth Snapshot: Native Americans

On Pine Ridge Reservation, a Garden Helps Replace an 80-mile Grocery Trip

After a Fraught History, Some Tribes Finally Have the Power to Rethink ‘Commodity Foods’

Keeping Native Americans in the Dark

Property Rights Among Native Americans

Five Ways the Government Keeps Native Americans in Poverty

Why Native American Reservations Are the Most Poverty-Stricken Lands in America

Un-American Reservations

– Other –

Wind River Indian Reservation