Obama's Econ Advisers: Occupational Licensing Is a Disaster

Over 25 percent of American workers must get permission from the state to work, and it's killing the American dream.

- September 02, 2015

God’s Forgotten Libertarian

Machen saw liberty as God’s intention for humanity and would not abide the presumptuous claims of earthly governments to diminish it “for our own good.”

- August 28, 2015

Sometimes We Crash

How do we reconcile our desire for safety with our knowledge that the universe is, in fact, uncontrollable? 

- 12:00 AM

Warning: Government Warning Labels May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Mandatory warning and information labels can be deceptive and counterproductive. 

- August 25, 2015

The Banality of Donald Trump

“The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction and the distinction between true and false no longer exist.”

- July 27, 2015

Entrepreneurial Statism

The driver who beat Uber at the California Labor Commission is starting a school to teach people her techniques.

- July 24, 2015

Lower the Drinking Age!

America's draconian drinking laws must be repealed, starting with one that hurts young adults the most.

- July 21, 2015

Trumpism: The Ideology

As bad as the status quo is, it could be worse. Trump is dedicated to taking us there.

- July 17, 2015

What Should Libertarians Think about the Civil War?

Bad history often accompanies the politicization of the Civil War, and libertarians are not immune from this tendency.

- July 14, 2015

Europe Needs Regime Change in Greece. They Won’t Get It.

The Greek government couldn’t comply with its creditors’s demands even if it wanted to — and it doesn’t.

- July 13, 2015

Complaining about TSA and 91 Other Signs You’re a Terrorist

When interacting with TSA, don't do these extremely common things. Or appear to be trying not to do them. 

- July 09, 2015

In Love with Gov? Time to Break It Off

He's not a meddling control freak — he just wants to help.

- July 08, 2015

Don’t Put Eleanor Roosevelt on the $10 Bill

If we put Eleanor's mugshot on any bill, it should be an invoice — for the costs of her complicity in prolonging the Great Depression and her attempts to use the FBI to silence critics. 

- July 06, 2015

Celebrate Independence With a Marginal Revolution Against the Surveillance State

The Revolution began with a fight against unreasonable searches; a marginal revolution can do it again. 

- July 04, 2015

Will Immigrants Make America More Liberal?

If economic policy moves to the left, it will be natives, not immigrants, driving the shift.

- July 02, 2015

America Isn't Getting More Liberal — It's Getting More Libertarian.

America isn’t getting more liberal or more conservative — it’s getting more libertarian.

Hillary Staffers Can't Afford New York's Government-Controlled Housing Market

Progressives have made their bed, but they can't afford to lie in it. 

- June 29, 2015

Blurred Lines: The Humanitarian Threat to Free Speech

Blurring physical safety with ideological comfort is one of the greatest threats to our open society.

- June 25, 2015

Ten Years After Kelo v. New London

The ruling gutted property rights and undermined the Constitution.

- June 23, 2015

The New Paganism? The Case against Pope Francis’s Green Encyclical

The worship of nature (as a cloak for hatred of capitalism) once again becomes a part of the religion.

- June 22, 2015

The Economics of Political Power Seminar

Students from around the world gathered at Calvin College to investigate how economics can explain politics.

- June 22, 2015

Why Is Snapchat More Secure than the Federal Government?

The government exposed data on 14 million federal employees to hackers. Should we trust it with ours?

- June 18, 2015

5 Reasons the FDA’s Ban on Trans Fat Is a Big Deal

Government doesn’t always know best about your health or nutritonal science.

- June 16, 2015

King John Tried to Butcher the Authors of Magna Carta

The history of Magna Carta shows that constitutions are only as strong as the people's will to enforce them. 

- June 15, 2015

Communicating Liberty in a Statist World: FEE's Advanced Training Seminar

FEE drew young leaders from 11 different countries to learn how to effectively communicate liberty.

- June 12, 2015

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