Market Power

Is Google "Abusing" Its Monopoly? Should Government Fix It?

Antitrust laws are supposed to protect consumers, but they simply replace consumer choices with government control.

- July 28, 2015

Who Is Building the Private, Peer-to-Peer Marketplace?

“The ability to engage in trade directly with someone in person is a great thing, and it’s a shame that hasn’t been possible online — until now.”

- July 27, 2015

Don’t Let Me Design Your Retaining Wall

Reputation markets regulate quality and safety where state licensing boards fall short.

- July 13, 2015

Amazon Liberates Readers

Science fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin blames Amazon and capitalism for dumbing down the publishing world, but readers are doing better than ever.

- July 06, 2015

In Praise of Capitalist Globalization

In this era of “savage capitalism,” the world has seen unprecedented declines in poverty and increases in global welfare.

- July 02, 2015

Against Eco-pessimism: Half a Century of False Bad News

The greenest thing we can do is innovate. The most sustainable thing we can do is change.

- June 17, 2015

What Rupert Murdoch Sees in Dying Newspapers

Why doesn't the media mogul ditch money-losing papers? Love, money, power — or something bigger?

- June 16, 2015

Nevada Passes Universal School Choice

Has Nevada opened the Pandora’s Box of educational choice?

- June 12, 2015

How Markets and Technology Made Us Safer

On the margins, social, mobile, and digital technologies are doing more than cops, courts, and jails could ever do to make the world safer.

- June 02, 2015

Flooding Texas: 5 Reasons Californians are Still Moving to Texas

Economic freedom — and the jobs, affordability, and benefits that come with it — is drawing Golden Staters to Texas.

- May 29, 2015

3 Reasons Why It's Okay to Have 23 Kinds of Deodorant

Senator Sanders' silly comment shows some dangerous delusions.

- May 28, 2015

Microaggressions and Microwonders

A recurring theme of recent human history is that the less of something bad we see in the world around us, the more outrage we generate about the remaining bits. 

- May 27, 2015

What Do the Model-T and the Tesla Have in Common?

Henry Ford and Elon Musk both had to fight cartels to be allowed to sell their vehicles. 

- May 13, 2015

Do Capitalists Own the Market?

Capitalists steer the ship, but consumers tell them where to go.

- April 23, 2015

The World Is Bigger than You Think

"Natural" resources are not fixed because resources are not found in nature – they are created by the human mind.

- April 16, 2015

Why Unions Care about Your Paid Sick Time

Mandatory sick leave raises the cost of non-union labor, making unions seem better by comparison.

- April 14, 2015

Freedom of Disassociation: Indiana Edition

Whether it’s repugnance at people’s religious beliefs or repugnance at the thought of two people of the same sex being married, such an emotion does not suffice to trump fundamental freedoms.

- April 10, 2015

Bureaucracy Unlimited

Big government has found a way to legislate without law by shaking down companies.

- March 17, 2015

Effecting Change Outside the Law

The written law barely matters. Human action dwarfs inanimate words.

- March 16, 2015

What a Principled Social Movement Looks Like

The new libertarianism is neither left nor right but its own thing: a maturation of the classical-liberal conviction that society can be built without dependency on the state.

- February 24, 2015

Down and Out in the Middle-Class Economy

The president’s claims notwithstanding, we are living in the worst period in the 50 years of our federally managed economy. 

- February 09, 2015

5 Reasons Progressives Should Support Economic Freedom

The overall effect of capitalism is not exploitation but liberation.

- February 04, 2015

Kickstarting It Old School

Peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding platforms represent the first steps in restoring American finance’s innovative spirit.

- December 15, 2014

Were We Better Off in 1987?

We are better off today due to the creative innovations of the marketplace. Those who argue we’re worse off are ignoring important considerations.

#20 – Government Can Be a Compassionate Alternative to the Harshness of the Marketplace

True compassion means taking action personally to relieve suffering; supporting government redistribution is a vastly different thing.

- August 29, 2014

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