Marginal Analysis

What Are Students Learning? Not What Colleges Teach.

The evidence overwhelmingly shows that students don't learn much in college. 

- September 11, 2015

Thank Capitalism for the Weekend!

Maximum-workweek laws hurt workers and businesses — and we don't need them to get time off. 

- August 28, 2015

The Radical Case for Pragmatic Libertarianism

By directly engaging in the policy process, libertarians can have a real influence on our country, which means more liberty in our lifetime.

- July 17, 2015

How Markets and Technology Made Us Safer

On the margins, social, mobile, and digital technologies are doing more than cops, courts, and jails could ever do to make the world safer.

- June 02, 2015

How Much Value Does Your College Really Add?

For decades, Americans have been infatuated with US News's arbitrary college rankings; a new system might show us the truth.

- May 20, 2015

Did Freedom Ruin Our Relationships?

More freedom hasn’t made Millennials more miserable, more promiscuous, or less committed.

- May 07, 2015

Israel Puts Price Controls on Books, Devastates Sales

A combination of price controls and minimum wages has devastated the Israeli book market. 

- April 23, 2015

It's the Margin that Counts

Marginalism, the effect of incremental, or small, changes, shows how economic reasoning allows us to accomplish more by accepting limits on what can be accomplished, rather than making heroic attempts to solve problems completely. In this podcast, Dwight Lee gives two examples to illistrate this point. (8:12 minutes)

- September 26, 2013

The Efficient Amount of Pollution

When environmentalists argue that the costs of protecting the environment should be ignored, they quickly find themselves in a box. The only way to protect environmental quality in some ways (say, reducing water pollution) is by harming it in other ways (say, increasing air pollution).

- May 01, 2001

Do Uber Drivers Lose Money?

A viral video claims that Uber drivers actually lose money on the app. It sounds unbelievable  for good reason.

Let's Make Buses More Dangerous so People Will Ride Them

Buses are safer than cars by a factor of 60, but people don't like to ride them.

- March 17, 2016

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