Donald Trump Is Winning Because Voters Don't Have a Clue

Donald Trump will fall eventually, but the high-octane ignorance that fueled his rise will not. 

- October 06, 2015

John Boehner Really Did Beat Obama on Budget Cuts

Boehner gets (and deserves) a bad rap, but he did manage to cut — and really cut — federal spending. 

- September 28, 2015

Does It Matter If Carly Fiorina Failed as CEO?

Whether Fiorina was a good or bad CEO is not as important as the fact that she was there at all.

- September 23, 2015

5 Reasons Serious TV Debates Are Impossible

If you’re looking for a sober dialogue on the state of American public policy, don’t watch presidential debates.

- September 18, 2015

Politicians' Job Is to Be Noticed; the Deep State's Job Is to Be Ignored

Politicians love the spotlight, but the government that matters most hides behind secrecy and boredom.

- September 17, 2015

"I Don't Agree with His Bart-Killing Policy, but I Do Approve of His Selma-Killing Policy"

Politics makes us choose bundles of totally unrelated policies, forcing voters to endorse policies they hate. 

- September 16, 2015

Why Carly Doesn't Care What Trump Thinks of Her Face

Carly's dealt with people like Trump a thousand times before, in a hundred offices and boardrooms. 

- September 15, 2015

If You May Do It for Free, You May Do It for Money

What can money buy? Whatever you can give away. 


Why Smart Politicians Say Stupid Things

Smart politicians try to act in ways that they think will appeal to the average voter. 

- September 04, 2015

Is Donald the Most Hawkish Candidate? Sadly, No.

Trump says he is the "most militaristic" candidate; the embarrassing thing is that this is a lie.  

- September 03, 2015

Is the "Libertarian Moment" Over?

The impact of libertarian ideas and the sea-change in public opinion aren't going anywhere. 

- August 17, 2015

Democracy Can't Really Be Democratic

Voting does not entail genuine consent to the policies enacted by the winners; thus, unlimited democracy can't be ethically justified.

- August 17, 2015

How Economies Can Rise from the Ashes: The Kiwi Plan

Few know the story of how New Zealand transformed itself from a socialist basket case into one of the world’s most prosperous nations.

- August 12, 2015

No, Rick Santorum, the Gay Marriage Ruling Is Not Like Dred Scott

Senator Santorum and other social conservatives are comparing Obergfell to Dred Scott

- August 10, 2015

Politics in One Page

This article is a quick tutorial in political reality, and a way to avoid the pain and suffering that comes with gradually discovering that reality on your own.

- August 09, 2015

How Economic Control Threatens Political Liberty, Free Speech, and the Rule of Law

Big government protects big business from competition. And the price of that protection is silent, obedient support for the bureaucrats and politicians.

- August 05, 2015

LA Times Says California Is "Debt-Free." Really?

Breaking news from bizarro world. 

- August 05, 2015

Scandinavian Myths: High Taxes and Big Spending Are Popular

Citizens of the wintry welfare states don't like taxes any more than anyone else – so their governments hide the tax hikes. 

- August 04, 2015

The Man Who Sowed the Seeds of Puerto Rico’s Collapse

Crisis leads to more government, which leads to more crisis. What was always bankrupt morally finally goes bankrupt economically.

- July 31, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Ideological Vortex of Power and Planning

Hillary’s campaign seems designed to prove that F.A. Hayek was a prophet.

- July 30, 2015

The Best Argument Against Immigration

Will immigrants undermine the institutions that make America great? 

- July 29, 2015

The Banality of Donald Trump

“The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction and the distinction between true and false no longer exist.”

- July 27, 2015

Is "Liberty" a Subjective and Meaningless Concept?

People disagree about what "liberty" means. Should judges overrule legislatures on the question?

- July 23, 2015

Martin O'Malley Got $147,000 in Speaking Fees from a Company He Gave Lucrative Government Contracts

In some countries, governors still get suitcases full of cash. Speaking fees are much more modern.

- July 22, 2015

Paul Krugman Is Wrong about What Paul Krugman Thought

It's a good idea to fact-check Professor Krugman, especially when he's talking about himself.

- July 22, 2015

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