October 1992 Issue

Volume 42, 1992

cover image October 1992
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The Education of a Politician

Experience taught one former politician an important economic lesson.

- October 01, 1992

Never to Be Put Up for Vote

America has an invisible dictator: the popular will.

- October 01, 1992

The Marketplace Relies Upon Commercial Free Speech

The government is waging war against alcohol labeling and advertising.

- October 01, 1992

Human Imperfection as a Market Strength

Do people interfere with market efficiency?

- October 01, 1992

National Health Insurance: A Medical Disaster

Socialized medicine results in skyrocketing demand, overburdened doctors, deteriorating medical services, and endless waiting lists.

- October 01, 1992

Two Kinds of Slums

Some Venezuelan families live in terrible slums, but without government subsidies, they have incentives to get out.

- October 01, 1992


There is no market for simple, unadorned competence in public life.

- October 01, 1992

Redlight for Greenways

Greenways quietly attack not only our property rights, but also our privacy and our political freedom.

- October 01, 1992

Capital for Profit: The Triumph of Ricardian Political Economy over Marx and the Neoclassical

Fabra reconsiders the propositions of Ricardian economics.

- October 01, 1992

Head to Head: The Coming Economic Battle Among Japan, Europe, and America

The lessons of what made America great in the first place are lost on Lester Thurow.

- October 01, 1992

Why We Spend Too Much on Health Care and Twenty Myths About National Health Insurance

National health insurance has destroyed quality health care and freedom of choice in countries throughout the world.

- October 01, 1992