October 1974 Issue

Volume 24, 1974

cover image October 1974
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A Theme for the Bicentennial: The Founding Fathers' Fear of Power

A review of the early warnings about the concentration of political power.

- October 01, 1974

What Does America Owe to the "Third World"?

A reasonable doubt as to the efficacy of intergovernmental foreign aid.

- October 01, 1974

Why Gold Is Money

Traders decide which form of money to trust.

- October 01, 1974

Why Is Liberalism Endemic?

Concerning the continued popularity of a social system that is such a failure.

- October 01, 1974

Marx, Mises and Socialism

Further thoughts concerning the vital role of the market and money for economic calculation.

- October 01, 1974

Regulation Helps the Rich and Harms the Poor

A cogent reason why government should be limited.

- October 01, 1974

Dog-Eat-Dog Competition

Market competition is the activity of two or more parties pursuing the same customers' dollars by offering the highest values in exchange.

- October 01, 1974

The High Cost of the Draft

The question here concerns who should pay the bill.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1974/10

"Gibbon for Moderns" by Peter B. Witonski

- October 01, 1974